Mobile application WeAll is a real possibility to amuse spectators and support their favorites with an incredible performance!

WeAll is a distinguished marketing tool that guaranteed will draw dedicated attention to any event, boost its attendance, upgrade the status of the arena and will undoubtedly espouse your desire to move with the times.

It is designed precisely for bleachers, fans, concert audience and it is ideal for use at a variety of sporting and entertainment events at arenas, stadiums, concert halls and even open-airs.

The application turns the device display into a certain color mode or switches the flashlight on. The spectators raise their mobile devices that in the aggregate create a recognizable image.

WeAll turns the audience of any event into a single whole.
Deep emotions, colorful feelings, simple setup, easy handling and festive atmosphere will unite the spectators of any event!
WeAll - unite your emotions!

Available for Android & iOS (iPhone)